Production planning support and start-up advicing

With our network precast professionals we can help you to enter new business area. You may be interested in training in old factory before your factory is ready to start production.

  • Advicing to find IT solutions for pruduction
  • Consulting to find experienced support during start -up.
  • Precast design support and consulting
  • Concrete know-how and mixing consulting
  • Inside factory support or on-site consulting
  • Arranging visiting tours in precast construction sites.

There are few issues to notice when entering precast business

  • Precast is industrialized manufacturing method
  • To be excellent precast manufacturer you need to get feedback from site
  • Developing methods and details is the only way to be succesful
  • Scandinavia is leader in precast designing
  • We offer to you benefits and advantages of Finnish precast know-how

Step by step by your own or ten steps at once with us.

Join the team. Drop us a line.

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Benefits and advantages of KORPPINEN

  • Tomorrow technologies, design solutions, modern detailing
  • Standardized systems
  • Long experience in precast installation on the site
  • Good machinery selection
  • Detail and design know-how, high-tech installation systems
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