Set-up design for a factory

After decision to invest and enter precast business starts

  • Construction system and method
  • Decision of precast products to manufacture
  • Preliminary design of factory to sytart procurement
  • Procurement
  • Production set-up design

During factory design and production set-up phase we recommend to prepare the following plans

  • Production calculation and turn-out capacity calculations
  • Manpower calculations
  • Raw matrial BOQ
  • Factory lay-out and detailed factory design on preliminary level
  • Logistics and transportation design
  • Procurement plan

We offer this pre set-up service to start procurement.

After this phase machinery procurement is able to start.



Benefits and advantages of KORPPINEN

  • Long term design of the construction system development
  • Customized factory set-up
  • Realized production calculations
  • Nonaligned service

What will client get

  • Customized solution
  • Factory set-up lay-out
  • Procurement plan
  • Production set-up design (logistics)
  • Turn-out calculations
  • Economical calculations

Next steps

  • Procurement agreement
  • Requests for machineries and equipment
  • Offering and comparisation between options
  • Purchasing advicing and consulting
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