Precast development services

We offer start-up services for the client to find out possibilties to enter precast business.

Volumes of residential projects, production volumes

  • Technical feasibilty study of precast method
  • Market study and possibilities
  • Preliminay evaluation of machinery set-up
  • Investing plan
  • Arranging visiting tours inside precast factories

Client will get professional opinion of how to start precast, what investments are needed, design solutions, production and on-site facilities needed to start.

We offer small start-up package or total plan for entering precast.

After this phase the client has enough information to make a decision to invest in precast or not.



Benefits and advantages of KORPPINEN

  • Unique and customized solution
  • Client is highly reported during service
  • Experience of construction solutions and precast possibilities together.

Precast service Steps

  • Precast development services
  • Construction methods and design of the factory set-up
  • Machinery procurement support
  • Production and start-up support and consulting

Clients and objects

  • New beginners on precast business
  • Developers
  • Precast factories interested in developing
  • Designers on new precast markets
  • Precast modernization
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