Welcome to precast office!

BKK Development Engineering is a small independent construction specialist company. We are focusing on precast technologies overall to provide full range of know-how for our customers.

  • Feasibilty studies for precast business
  • Preliminary solutions of new factory set-up.
  • Production and business calculations
  • Support and advicing during procurement of machineries
  • Start-up support and advicing
  • Concrete services

Development and engineering

We are right choice for a client who needs an objective and nonaligned advisor and consult to work with his precast development project.

Each and every time we will study needs of the client and since then engineer the most suitable set-up. We do not manufacture machines, we do not bend ourselves with one supplier - we are open minded and fair for all needs.

Trust is our value.


And let us tell you more


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Development Engineering Korppinen,  33960