Company has been established year 2012. Owner and CEO is Mr. Hannu Korppinen. He has over 20 years of experience in construction business - mainly in Finland. Before a decision to establish own company he worked for several Finnish construction companies: Rakennustoimisto Palmberg (Lemminkäinen at the moment), Skanska, Rakennustoimisto Pekka Kynnös and Rakennus Oy Paanurakenne. Main and most challenching projects have been renovation and construction of Finlayson area in Tampere and renovation and new construction of Tampella Industrial area. Most well-known project is the renovation of tower of Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

BKK company is independent and owned by the board. We are not aligned with any suppliers but we have a wide precast professional network.We are not looking for to be the biggest player on the market. Our main idea is to concentrade on each project carefully and with full heart. We want to offer our client certainly high quality solutions and individual service. Because of our small size we are not able to do everything and overall. We are looking for principals whom value professionalism, individuality and personal service.

Our office is in city of Pirkkala in the mid-west Finland. Our network partners are located in Oulu region, Espoo region, Delhi India and in Switzerland. Precast designers and architects are mainly from Tampere and Helsinki area in Finland. Designers are independent partnership companies with long experience of precast design. We value loyalty, trust and professionalism. If you feel same values comfortable, contact us. We can help you to develop your precast business and methods to benefit you more.

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